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Maker Multiplex

The Maker Multiplex consists of 7 main spaces, primarily located in the basement of Engineering, Blocks A, C and G. These pages provide information about the different rooms and the equipment in each.

Maker Multiplex HQ (ENA 03)

Student Machine Shop
(ENC 09)

Arts & Textiles Makerspace
(ENG 29)

Music & Sound Makerspaces (ENG 23 and 25)

Paint Booth (ENC 37)

Welding Makerspace (ENC 20)

3D Scanner Lab (ENG 27)


Zetta consists of 3 main spaces, located on the second floor of ICT. Learn more about each of the spaces and equipment by exploring the links here.

Digital Design Lab (ICT 216)

Virtual Reality Lab (ICT 224)

Robotics/Internet of Things Lab (ICT 215)

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