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Maker Multiplex & Zetta: General Access Training


The Maker Multiplex and Zetta are about community -- a place for students, faculty and staff to collaborate and make ideas come to life. As such, there are some general rules that we expect all users to follow. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in disciplinary action.

  1. Be respectful. Respect yourself, others, and the facilities provided.
  2. Clean up after yourself. Leave your workspace at least as tidy as you found it.
  3. Put tools, equipment, and supplies where they belong.
  4. Only use equipment for which you have the appropriate training and can use safely.
  5. Only access spaces for which you have the appropriate training.
  6. These spaces are intended for project work (academic, research, work, personal); they are not for studying.
  7. If you are unsure about anything, ask for help.
  8. No open food or drink allowed in M2Z spaces during regular M2Z activities.
  9. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) as needed.
  10. Do not make anything (in whole or in part) that can be construed as a weapon or may be considered obscene.
  11. Do not bring in or use personal tools.
  12. Do not remove raw materials from any facilities.

NOTE: When using the manufacturing facilities (3D printing, student machine shop, etc.) in M²Z, you MUST comply with both the student code of conduct for the University of Calgary and the rules listed above. Information on the student code of conduct can be found here (