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Access trainings enable you to use more rooms and equipment.

Not yet an M2Z member? Take the M2Z General Access Training today!

Room access trainings are available online and can be started at your convenience. These will help you orient yourself in the space by providing an overview and important safety considerations. You must complete the corresponding room access training prior to using a space.

Equipment access trainings are usually a hybrid of online and in-person components. These are required to teach you how to use the equipment safely.

Arts & Textiles

Entry-level 3D printers


Music & Sound

VR Lab

Room access trainings

New? Start by taking our online General Access Training:

Interested in accessing rooms aside from Maker Multiplex HQ and Zetta Digital Design Lab? Get started with the appropriate room access training:

Equipment access trainings

Note: This list only includes equipment that requires training before you can use it. For all learning resources, visit our Learning Resources page.

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