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Thinking of making virtual learning more appealing to your students? Do you want to engage more with your students while teaching online?

You're in the right place; lightboard is a great tool for making your online classes more interesting and engaging.

What is a Lightboard?

Our lightboard is a 95" transparent glass panel which is very similar to a traditional whiteboard, but allows the instructor to write and draw while standing behind the board and create a smoother teaching experience. A camera in front of the lightboard records the lecture with the possibility of embedding PowerPoint material into the recording or broadcasting live on Zoom.

Advanced features

  • Embed Powerpoint material

  • Broadcast live on Zoom.

Best Practices

1. Run a 10-second test: Make sure you are recording and everything looks fine before spending a lot of time on your lecture.

2. Clothing: Wear darker, solid colours, preferably with no patterns.

3. Layout: Think about how you are going to use the space on the board.

4. One board per video: Cleaning the board takes time. Therefore, try to limit your video to one board.

5. Shorter videos: Shorter videos are easier for students to follow.

6. Be natural: You may make mistakes but move on and do not stress about it.

7. Start simple: First, try to use the board with a marker only and then add other features, e.g. PowerPoint or any other material to your lecture.



Markers & cleaning the board

The lightboard studio has both fluorescent markers for writing on the board and microfiber cloths for cleaning the board. You can find them in the cabinet beside the board.